Diesel Brothers: The Game Based on Discovery TV Series Announced


Code Horizon extends its cooperation with Discovery, Inc. – an American mass media company – to create a car tuning simulator based on Diesel Brothers TV series.

The company released five screenshots of the game, as well as the Reveal Teaser, which showcases what can be expected from the game: [LINK].

Diesel Brothers: The Game will allow players to experience the thrilling life of Heavy D and Diesel Dave – main characters of the Diesel Brothers TV series – as they run a car tuning business. The game will offer features unique for car tuning simulator games, such as multiplayer. Players will be able to play with up to 3 friends online, pick characters based on Discovery TV series charismatic personalities, and use their unique skills to trick out trucks.

Together, players will receive tuning jobs, repair cars, scavenge junkyards to seek for rare parts or car wreckages, and rebuild trucks from the frame up. Those four-wheelers can be later sold or… given away to increase your garage’s fame. It’s a custom, which Diesel Brothers fans should be familiar with.

Additionally, Diesel Brothers: The Game will offer modding support, decals and painting system, original character’s voiceovers, and more. Further details can be found on the game’s official website: dieselbrothers-thegame.com.

Planned to be released in Q1 2019 on PC, the car tuning simulator game can already be added to wishlist on Steam: [LINK].

About Code Horizon
Founded in 2014, Code Horizon is a game development studio specializing in simulator games. Years of experience in creating custom and commercial simulation environments set the company direction for years to come. Code Horizon’s most popular title, Gold Rush: The Game (based on Discovery Channel’s TV Series), succeeded on Kickstarter by surpassing the main goal multiple times. Once released, it turned out to be one of the best-selling Polish games in 2017.